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Work Paperless – Transform your Business Processes with IBM and Miria

Miria Educational Webinar

Work Paperless – Transform your Processes with Miria and IBM

Banking and insurance business processes require audit trails, compliance and integration resulting in paper and duplicate entry work. Invoices, expense reports, accrual worksheets, and the like require experienced workers to create, review, manage, approve, and ultimately store the work stream for audit.

What if we could remove the paper from the process at the source? Digitally transform every document that hits your mailbox, email, or the fax machine at the point of origin and never touch paper again.

Accounts Payable management is one of the largest sources of paper, but did you know it is also the easiest to automate and ultimately make paperless.In this webinar, Miria Systems will show you how Active Pay can automate the accounts payable lifecycle as the case study for improving efficiency, effectiveness, and complete process automation. We will also touch on the compliance impact of automation with the number one content centric platform from IBM.