Optimizing the Restaurant Chain of Operations

Restaurants that are centrally managing an array of geographically distributed locations have very distinct AP and TE requirements they must satisfy. Miria provides the business automation solutions that link these varied teams to drive greater efficiency and, in turn, profit.

Restaurants typically bring in inventory on a weekly, if not daily, basis. They need to empower local managers to purchase from local vendors to ensure fresh food quality and on-time delivery of perishable items—but this often leads to accounting issues with lost invoices, missed payments, and lack of visibility by corporate as to what purchases have been made (a huge liability concern). This competitive industry also calls for outstanding customer service, and corporate HR must be able to evaluate the true performance of their locally managed teams to ensure a customer-centric standard is upheld.

These are just a few of the operational demands that restaurant organizations cannot effectively satisfy using traditional paper-based methods. Instead, restaurants like P.F. Chang’s are turning to Miria and our robust business process automation solutions.

Empower Local Managers, Keep Corporate in Control

Miria provides a powerful suite of business process automation applications that allow local managers to maintain authority and visibility into the financial processes they are responsible for—but enables corporate managers to have ultimate control and oversight of the data and actions made around that information. With rules-based workflows set in place, every uploaded transaction and communication is automatically recorded and routed to the right manager(s), ensuring sign-off is given only by those with the power to make the final call.

Capitalize on Early Payment Incentives

Vendor invoices, particularly in the restaurant industry, must be processed in short order to ensure the continued delivery of fresh goods that are critical to the restaurant’s menu. In fact, many vendors offer dynamic discounting to restaurants that can make early payments. Miria helps our restaurant customers maintain healthy vendor relationships and take full advantage of available incentives by providing corporate finance teams, and vendors themselves, real-time visibility into payment statuses.

Learn how Miria delivers its powerful financial business process automation applications—and their resulting ROI—to restaurants through its flexible, highly configurable ActiveOps platform.