PayStream Advisors and Miria – Moving Beyond Average Accounts Payable

Combating the “If-It-Isn’t-Broken” Mentality for Successful AP Transformations

Please view PayStream Advisors’ and Miria’s recorded webinar from September 12th where we discussed the industry perspective on the obstacles faced to achieve best in class Accounts Payable (AP) Automation status and how to overcome with Accounts Payable “Levels of Automation”.

Everyone in the Accounts Payable industry knows automation is fundamental to an efficient business operation and critical to quicker access to working capital.

Yet, a recent study, by PayStream Advisors of over 300 businesses, demonstrates over 48% of invoices processed are still in paper form. ¬†This webinar examined the industry’s perspective on what deters AP Automation and how to implement automation at graduating levels of functionality to achieve best in class AP processing. ¬†Each Level of AP Automation delivers value and realized benefits to the business.

To view the REPLAY from PayStream Advisors and Miria click on the Webinar title below.