Insurance Services

Insuring Against Risk with Assured Back Office Efficiency

Insurance companies that are centrally managing an array of geographically dispersed offices require a reliable and secure solution for transmitting sensitive financial, employee, and customer data between locations. Managing this need with traditional paper-based processes not only causes processing inefficiencies, but brings in the chance for human errors, information loss, and even security breaches.

The financial operations departments of these organizations need a solution that enables them to exchange documents and files in a variety of formats, in a secure fashion, and in real-time. Miria’s powerful suite of intelligent business process automation applications make this possible, leveraging our highly configurable ActiveOps platform to deliver those tools to your end-users quickly and cost effectively.

Streamline Processing, Guard Against Errors

Manual data entry is a time-consuming task that takes your staff’s focus off high-value initiatives, like selling and servicing your customers. Miria’s solutions intelligently capture the data within each submitted financial document, auto-filling in needed information without human intervention. Now both corporate and regional management teams can save significant processing time, and mitigate the risk of entry errors or information loss that often plague manual methods. Rules-based workflows ensure that the data reaches the right hands in a timely manner, and auto-generated audit trails provide complete visibility into the document’s lifecycle should questions or concerns arise.