Solving Retail Operational Challenges

Any retailer centrally managing multiple store locations needs to have in place a plan to address the financial- and TE-related challenges and opportunities that arise from their distributed operating model—and Miria provides the tools to make that possible.

When it comes to purchasing, retailers often lack the ability to centrally buy for their distributed locations, due to issues related to shipping, delivery timeliness, and locational inventory variety. While regional purchasing empowers local teams, it creates a challenge for corporate headquarters to maintain true oversight of buying across locations in an industry where customer service quality is critical.

Automation Made for Multi-Location Retailers

Miria’s ActiveOps for Retail™ provides a powerful suite of business process automation applications that enable retail businesses to break through the traditional inefficiencies of paper-based transactions and management, which are exacerbated by their dispersed operating model. Through ActiveOps for Retail, Miria provides access to robust financial and TE software tools via a single, collaborative web portal.

Now corporate teams and their regional financial and TE counterparts all gain complete visibility, in real-time, of every transaction, communication, and document—including status and action needed for invoices and financial documents, and insights into performance and payrolls for staff company-wide.

Built on Retail Best Practices

Having successfully deployed business process automation solutions for major retailers like Cabela’s, Miria is well-versed in the unique needs of the retail marketplace and has developed built-in workflows that conform specifically to your industry’s best practices.

Learn more about ActiveOps for Retail, and how our deployment options provide the configuration flexibility to optimize your time to value.