Intelligent Automation Solutions

Miria empowers companies to work smarter for less cost, delivering powerful tools to automate the management of traditionally paper-driven accounting, finance, and TE business processes.

Through ActiveOps, Miria’s highly configurable Cloud-based software platform, we are able to deploy robust applications for the intelligent capture and management of unstructured content with unprecedented speed – enabling unmatched time to value, accelerated ROI, and rapid scalability to support continued growth.

Process Management Automation Leaders, Cloud Experts

For 25 years, Miria has been leading the path to smarter business through smarter capture and management of critical operating data, documents, and content. Today we are using that same efficiency-driven expertise to lead companies to the benefits of Cloud computing with ActiveOps. We will provide your organization with the expert guidance needed to ensure a highly efficient transition to our flexible Cloud-based software platform.

Solving Challenges with Speed

Miria solves AP, TE, and other paper-driven process challenges with unrivaled speed. We know the types of operational challenges that rapidly expanding businesses face, and how to transform unstructured content management from a costly struggle to a valuable advantage. Our flexible, highly configurable application deployments enable ambitious organizations to quickly automate critical internal processes while efficiently supporting continued growth.

Reducing Time to Value, Raising ROI

Experience the business value of Miria’s robust products in as little as 30 days. From reducing complexity and process cycle times to minimizing data entry errors and exceptions, our automation of your manual business processes will drive immediate productivity benefits, and quantifiable ROI in as little as nine months. Leveraging the ActiveOps platform, we can minimize deployment time and further accelerate your time to value.

IBM Business Partner

In addition to our status as an IBM Business Partner, Miria’s engineers all hold multiple advanced technology certifications. Our solution offerings are powered by the IBM FileNet and Datacap platforms, which we’ve been leveraging to develop and implement efficiency-improving applications even before they were IBM’s own. We are truly expert in these technologies, and offer unparalleled insight into how ECM can help rapidly expanding businesses most effectively meet their growth goals.

Trust Miria’s expertise to help you reap the benefits of smarter capture and content management on a smarter platform, automating your transition to the scalability, flexibility, and cost savings of the Cloud.