Sales and Use Tax Management Solution

Multiple states have greatly increased enforcement of Sales and Use Tax collections to make up for revenue shortfalls. With Miria’s Use Tax Module Application, you can address this challenge by applying automated tools to identify tax liabilities and ensure proper accruals. 


Identification and assessment of proper tax and liabilities enables automated and consistent processing.


Applied business rules ensures identified tax rate issues are addressed and properly accounted for.  Setting up your own rules expedites internal processing, reduces labor costs, and ensures compliance.


When it comes to managing sales and use tax its important to stay ahead of the tax authorities by self auditing and ensuring accurate accruals and reconciliations.


  • Automated business rules to identify transactions with improper charges
  • Provides internal audit review management
  • Enables access for external auditors to avoid random and tedious printing
  • Integrates configurable workflows to the Accounts Payable process
  • Provides accrual routing and capture