Purchase Requisitions

Building from a strong foundation, by matching and approving every expenditure are a basic guiding principles in Best Practices Procurement management. By matching a purchase requisition to an invoice and automating the approvals gets you a simplified, and automated business process solution.


Automate the basic requisitions to ensure compliance and management to expense budgets. Route for approval and then transfer to purchasing for processing.


Managing purchases of operational goods has never been simpler.  Fully electronic creation of the purchase orders, allowing the attachment of supporting documents, quotes, and vendor compliance support.


It’s important to validate that you have received items prior to payment.  It may also be important to attach supporting documents for your auditors.


  • Simplify business process automation to facilitate compliance
  • Enable pre-purchase requisition and approvals electronically
  • Streamline purchasing
  • Manage large volumes of repetitive transactions with consistent standardization
  • Match and process to approval guidelines
  • Systematically attach supporting documents for streamline transaction process