Document Management

Perform and streamline capture, recognition and classification of business documents and extraction of data. IBM DataCAP supports multi-channel capture from most devices including mobile.  Its use of natural language processing, analytics and machine learning technologies can classify and extract content from unstructured or variable documents. Complimenting this robust data capture and extraction technology is FileNET from IBM to manage organizational content and documents.  As a high volume, scalable software product solution, FileNet offers lifecycle management, transactional content processing, content consolidation, document management and content-based application development. It also enables secure, mobile, anytime access. Both of these software products are seamlessly integrated, however, not exclusive to Miria’s Intelligent Business Process Automation solutions.


Enables data collection from multiple formats into structured data for workflow processing.


Tracks, manages and safeguards documents presented into a single digital repository for transactional data processing.


Secure documents based on multiple, dynamic criteria; business unit, management hierarchy, or content.


  • Industry leading IBM technology
  • Seamless and open integration into Miria’s intelligent automation solutions
  • Robust search capabilities at the data level
  • Simple and easy search at the data level by user