Capture & OCR

with Polymorphic Intelligence™

Automate Document Capture & Processing

Say goodbye to paper and manual-entry processing with Active Mailroom 3. Built with the highest capacity and capabilities of artificial and human intelligence, you can rely on the technology, and its creators, to ensure a completely automated document capture process. Enjoy the extra time in your schedule thanks to our machine-learning & human exception technology, Polymorphic Intelligence™, which captures, interprets, categorizes, secures and automates your data for processing to ensure your stack of papers/invoices is, “poof!” done.

  • Utilizes a multi-source input solution
  • Optimal capture service with Polymorphic Intelligence recognition and classification capabilities
  • Automates high volume of transactions
  • Elimination of manual-entry errors
  • Human exception management ensures completely automated customer experience

Watch to learn more about how Active Mailroom Pi operates