ActiveOps Live

With the release of ActiveOps version 7.5, Miria has furthered our investment into the use of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOAP). While many of Miria’s functional components have always been offered as web services, the 7.5 release goes much further into breaking the solution into various Services and BOTS.

The objectives of this strategy are:

  • Improved supportability
  • Improved extensibility
  • Enabling the functional components for embedding into other applications
  • Enabling entire applications to be constructed using BOTS from the Miria system
  • Enabling interoperability with IBM RPA

Miria is a long-term provider of solutions for Digital Process Automation with a specific focus in financial document processes in accounts payable automation. The Miria product framework, brand named ActiveOps, is a highly configurable framework delivered as a J2EE application with extensive functionality built to take advantage of the IBM Case Foundation and the IBM Datacap embedded technologies. The interaction between applications is built to provide a single customer experience through the Miria application interface with the powerful tools of the IBM technology embedded within API calls and Miria proprietary software components.

Active Live (available in 2019) offers a set of consumable API components, available on AWS, that are consumable by other applications via an API call. This list of API components will include both Miria proprietary methods as well as access to the IBM ECM component stacks, as appropriate.

Process Method Classes

  • Process Automation – Provides Capture, Workflow, OCR, and Document Management Services.
  • Payment Management – Integration to leading payment provider services.
  • Transactional Management – Enable highly efficient financial transaction management with integration to multiple ERP’s.
  • Document Management – Records retention, versioning, annotations, and image management functions.
  • Rapid Deployment – Leverages AWS provisioning.
  • Scalable and Secure – Multiple AWS availability zones.
  • Trusted – The IBM ECM platform is the most trusted, with the largest market share, in the regulated financial services market.
  • Cost Effective – Easy to understand transactional pricing model.
  • Flexible – .NET, REST, and Java support.