Journal Approvals

Improve the speed and accuracy of the accounting Close with the application of intelligent business process automation. Eliminate manual processing and enable capture, matching and multi-level approval management to expedite the Close process.  Miria’s flexible and open technology is the enabler to configure this Closing solution to your financial controls and policies.

Manage Close

Speeding up month end close has always been the goal of any finance department, but complex accounting rules have continued to create many sub accounting processes that make this difficult. You can automate it now.


Active Journal uses the same integration interfaces available to other applications to automate the upload of complex journal entries directly into your accounting system.


Every journal entry can be assigned to its own workflow that includes the working spreadsheets and documents.  The workflow allows different team members in the process to review their part ensuring accurate and timely validation and approvals.


  • Improve consistency in journal entry processing
  • Reduce entry errors
  • Improve financial control
  • Mitigate compliance risk
  • Enhance visibility and tracking control
  • Apply efficiency, transparency, and speed to the Close process
  • Enable controls and standardization of journal entries and schedules for timely processing
  • Automate multi-level document approval management by synching required documentation to the transaction and intelligently routing
  • Match supporting documentation to the “right” journal entry for timely & efficient Close
  • Open and agile integration to your core financial systems
  • Automate the general ledger entry workflow
  • Retrieve indexed transaction information instantly