ActiveOps DBA Solution Platform

ActiveOps is a Digital Business Automation Solution that is the technology foundation that enables digital transformation. It provides high volume delivery of  financial transactions and configures complex business transactions in to a consistent and repeatable digital process or RPA, robotic process automation. The business processes logic is applied without requiring human intervention to throughput the data into a completed task.

ActiveOps is a highly configurable Cloud-based software platform, with rapid deployment of robust accounting, financial and travel and expense applications on a managed service basis – bringing automation to your manual-driven processes faster, and at an affordable cost.

ActiveOps consolidates access to Miria’s solution within a single web portal, enabling streamlined collaboration around business-critical content capture and process automation. The intuitive interface gives both corporate and channel management team members secure access to the business application they need, all of which are configured for intelligent automated business processes that ensure follow up, compliance and proper accountability for every transaction, communication and document.