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What does an Automated Process Really Mean?

Written By: Kelsey Voelker

Ask yourself a question…How much work is TOO much?

You have an immense about of components and people that operate your business process workflows including: paper documents, digital documents, invoices, notes, checks, payment information, supplier information, vendor information, employees….and so much more! It can quickly become overwhelming and inefficient when trying to tackle all of these components in a timely, organized matter. 

Its 2019, and technology is more advanced than ever before. You and your colleagues are hearing terms like “artificial intelligence, AP ...

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The Rapidly Changing World of B2B Payments

It’s Time to make the Switch to Automation

Written By: Bill Bridgers

In a business world increasingly focused on Digital Transformation and accelerated speeds of business due to technology advancements, it’s surprising to find that approximately 50% of all business-to-business (B2B) payments are still made by mailing paper checks.  It seems that there are obvious benefits for both payers and payees to move to electronic payments, so ...

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Accounting for Hurdles and Integrating Automation for Sustained Success

Integrating with ERP/Accounting Systems

Written By: Steve Pietrzak

How does one achieve sustained business success? The sales folks will tell you it’s because of them.  And yes; they keep growth coming, but the real backbone of ANY successful business is the accounting process.   

Yes, the bean counters.  Without someone accounting for all the ins and outs, the pluses ...

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Say Goodbye to Storing Paper Invoices

An Overview of the Advantages of a Digital Mailroom

Written by: Terri Cunnion

Is anyone else tired of the piles of paper invoices in your office? It’s time to work smarter, not harder. 

Extracting information from paper invoices to a usable data format for processing can be quite a challenge. Often ...

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Ready or Not…Here Comes the Tax Man!

Welcome to 2019 and Happy New Year!  Each new year brings something we all LOVE to deal with.  Tax Season.  It can cause sweats and stress for some.  Whether personal or corporate, taxes and tax planning are a critical component of our fiscal calendars. 

In addition to corporate taxes, another tax area to mange is Sales & Use Tax.  This tax is levied on the sale/purchase of goods and ...

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AIIM 2019 Conference

Come visit us at the AIIM (The Association for Intelligent Information Management) 2019 Conference on March 26-28th in San Diego, CA.

Members of our team will be available to engage with you and discuss the Intelligent Accounts Payable Business solutions that we offer. Be sure to come talk with us so that we can discuss how to digitally transform your AP and enterprise content management operations.

Reach out if you have questions or would like to connect!

We look forward to working ...

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IOFM APP2P Spring Conference & Expo

Visit us at the 2019 IOFM (Institute of Finance and Management) APP2P Conference & Expo May 19-21ist in Orlando, FL Booth #505

Members of our team will be around to engage with you, discuss Mira’s products in industry-leading Accounts Payable solutions, and our abilities to digitally transform your business processing needs.

We have a booth at the conference, and would be happy to meet with you personally to discuss how we can digitally transform your operations with our Intelligent Automation products.

Contact ...

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Re-imagine Your Back Office Financial Processes into a Paper-Free Workflow

July 25, 2017

Technology and the widespread use of electronic documents, can bring simplification, transparency, and operational efficiency to your back office.

However, back office automation comes with its own set of challenges for companies that are outgrowing the capacities of their current systems and require specialized service to realize the value.

As some companies have migrated paper document workflows to digital platforms, many are still stuck in ...

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What Gets Measured, Gets Improved – Part 4

The Average Time to Approve an Invoice from Receipt to Payment


We are half-way through our 8 part series entitled “What Gets Measured, Gets Improved.” In this series we are discussing 8 KPI’s in the Accounting / Finance world in order to get clear measurements of what’s going on now in order to move forward with any strategic initiative…like AP automation.


Let’s summarize 1 – 3:

1. Number of Invoices Processed Per Person / Per ...

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