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Miria and Integritie sign strategic partnership delivering Cloud based Accounts Payable Service

August 12, 2014— Philadelphia, USA—Miria Systems, a provider of industry-leading Accounts Payable cloud products has signed a strategic partnership and co-marketing agreement with Integritie.  The partnership enables Miria and Integritie to jointly sell Miria’s leading Accounts Payable and Financial applications.  In turn, Miria will deliver Active Pay applications from the Integritie KC Online Content Management cloud directly to their clients utilizing Integritie’s global KC Online cloud infrastructure.

In January, Miria announced the availability of the More →

Active HR – Employee File Management On Line – 09.11.2014

PaperlessThe Miria Active HR automaton software securely delivers complete personnel records and allows immediate electronic access to documents from all locations.

Employee files are often misplaced or routed to the incorrect person. However, with this software, these errors will no longer trouble your company. This webinar will take a high level look at key aspects of employee file management:

  • Secure sharing of documents between HR, the employee, and their supervisor
  • Reduce paper handling, routing, and storage costs
  • Enhance tracking ...
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Upgrading to Active Pay 6.0 – 08.07.2014

The invoice automation system of Managed$Pay has recently been given a new look, new features and a new name as Active Pay. Miria’s Active Finance software uses Active Pay along with Active Expense, Active Ledger and Time-to-Change-Active Energy to help your company streamline financial and operational workflows and centrally manage documents at an affordable cost. The technology presents new and unique features that will further improve invoice processing.