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Goals Every Retailer Wants to Achieve – Part 3 of 5

Goal3Does Your Company Have Complete Accountability?

Hand in hand with visibility and compliance is the need to optimally manage accountability. Because retailers tend to have many parties involved in the execution of their business processes, including team members from both the central office and the numerous dispersed locations, accountability checks and balances must be enacted to ensure decisions are made by the managers with ...

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Goals Every Retailer Wants to Achieve – Part 2 of 5


Does Your Company Have Compliance Assurance?

Enforcing compliance, not just the regulatory regulations but also with established internal processes, is a critical component of the corporate managers’ role – whether as a controller, CFO, or Head of HR. An organization may have great processes in place, but if they are not performed properly by staff throughout the company, then the whole system is compromised. Centrally managed retailers need a mechanism in place to assure ...

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Goals Every Retailer Wants to Achieve – Part 1 of 5

Goal1Do You Have Total Visibility of Your Business?

It is critical for a business to fully understand the total labiality structure of the organization as a whole, at any given time. This challenge becomes much more complex when your organization exists in more than one location. In today’s technological world, retailers not only have multiple stores with multiple business systems in place, but more information that need to be pulled analyzed from those ...

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Key Business Realities That Retailers Face – Part 5 of 5

Reality5Is This a Reality You Struggle With?

In this competitive industry, service is everything, and a satisfied customer is the ultimate goal. But it can be very difficult for corporate HR teams to gain visibility into the true performance of the company’s locally managed teams, whether good or bad. To be truly customer-centric, and reward staff members that provide great service, corporate HR managers need to ...

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Key Business Realities That Retailers Face – Part 4 of 5

Is This a Challenge That You Face?

Reality4bThink of all the paperwork you filled out for your first job, and imagine managing that amount of documents for 500+ new employees per month, across numbers locations. As growing retailers expand, the amount of paper needed to onboard their new hires alone is massive, and the time spent re-keying that data into an HR systems ads ...

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Key Business Realities That Retailers Face – Part 3 of 5

Reality3Do You Face This Reality?

Local stores are typically brining in inventory on at least a weekly, if not daily basis, from a wide range of vendors requiring different payment terms.
These invoices need to be processed in short order to maintain the trust and business of the vendors, some of whom may be bringing in fresh goods that are critical to the restaurant’s menu or retailer’s café.
Late payments can be extremely ...

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Key Business Realities that Retailers Face – Part 2 of 5

Reality2Is this a reality that you face?

Local managers are directly involved in local purchasing, and because of this they must be kept in lock step with the rest of the buying supply chain. Corporate managers must collaborate regularly with their distrusted teams to ensure vendor information, payment terms, and invoice amounts are correct and authorized accordingly. Without a centralized resource ...

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Key Business Realities that Retailers Face – Part 1 of 5

Puzzle PiecesAre you facing this reality?

Retailers often lack the ability to centrally buy for their distributed locations, due to issues related to shipping certain goods across borders, ensuring delivery timeliness, and allowing for locational inventory variety.  Restaurants in particular need the ability to purchase from local vendors to ensure fresh food quality and on-time delivery of perishable items. While regional purchasing empowers local teams, ...

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A Common Scenario in the Retail Industry

Is Business Process Automation Right for You?

Let’s take a very common scenario in the retail industry: a local store manager compiles and mails his or her various vendor invoices and new hire paper work to the company’s central headquarters each week.

The financial corporate manager receives, opens and enters each invoice in the financial system for processing, manually verifies each vendor’s information, and then contacts ...

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Miria and Integritie sign strategic partnership delivering Cloud based Accounts Payable Service

August 12, 2014— Philadelphia, USA—Miria Systems, a provider of industry-leading Accounts Payable cloud products has signed a strategic partnership and co-marketing agreement with Integritie.  The partnership enables Miria and Integritie to jointly sell Miria’s leading Accounts Payable and Financial applications.  In turn, Miria will deliver Active Pay applications from the Integritie KC Online Content Management cloud directly to their clients utilizing Integritie’s global KC Online cloud infrastructure.

In January, Miria announced the availability of the More →

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