Automation for Insurance Services

Reassurance of decreased risks

Insurance companies that are centrally managing an array of geographically dispersed offices require a reliable and secure solution for transmitting sensitive financial, employee, and customer data between locations. Managing this need with traditional paper-based processes not only causes processing inefficiencies, but brings in the chance for human errors, information loss, and even security breaches.

The financial operations departments of these organizations need a solution that enables them to exchange documents and files in a variety of formats, in a secure fashion, and in real-time.

Miria’s powerful suite of intelligent business process automation applications make this possible, leveraging our highly configurable ActiveOps platform to deliver those tools to your end-users quickly and cost effectively.

How Can ActiveOps Help?

  • Streamline processing, avoid constant errors
  • Enable higher efficiencies due to time management
  • Immense decrease in human intervention due to Polymorphic Intelligence
  • Decrease risk of information loss and error
  • Configurable rule-based workflows ensure business compliance
  • Visibility of audit trails for each document