Travel and Expense

Manage your businesses travel expense data with a solution that applies your business rules consistently and a single document repository for compliant oversight. Simplify your expense processing from receipt to reimbursement through intelligent business process automation. Capture and manage those expenses in a consistent and timely process to facilitate payment.


Safeguard and manage supporting documents, expense receipts, and travel approval documents to ensure standard operating compliance and audit trails.


Ingest items from various devices and classify for intelligent routing of receipts. Consolidate and control your company receipts and supporting documents into one single repository.


Consistent application of workflow processes provides efficient and repetitive handling of expenses while applying operational policies and procedures. This enables you to enforce your business practices.


  • Capture into a single data repository to enable accurate reporting and analysis
  • Apply standardization for compliance of your internal travel policies and procedures
  • Visibility into outstanding financial liabilities aids your cashflow management accuracy
  • Enable digital triggers and inputs to facilitate intelligent business process automation