Payment Management

Automating the invoice payment process to electronic payment can save time, money, and ensure compliance. Payment automation is facilitated through multiple payment partners, enabling straight through processing from capture to e-payment or procure to pay (P2P).


Ready to Pay invoice data is transmitted to payment providers for payout along with updates to ERP systems to complete the transaction.  Every invoice has been approved and can be expedited improving vendor relations.


Multiple payment types enable various e-payment options for an eligible invoice. Optimize payment processing and reduce costs by promoting ACH and electronic payments over printed checks.


Bring additional value to the overall cash management process with increased controls to manage payment, discounting and forecasting and negotiated savings with e-payment providers to manage cash flow.


  • Significantly reduces paper check processing and mailing
  • Reduce transaction costs
  • Enables a complete automated or robotic process from procure to payment
  • Completes the business process with notification updates to integrated systems, i.e. ERP
  • Secure integration to a preferred payment provider to facilitate pay out of a financial transaction