Accelerate your time to benefits with the smartest platform.

Rapidly deploy, affordably operate, and easily manage our proven financial and operational applications.

ActiveOps delivers Miria’s powerful suite of business process automation applications to centrally managed, multi-location companies with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Through this highly configurable, on premise or Cloud-based software platform, we are able to rapidly deploy our robust accounting, financial, and HR applications on a software as a service basis – bringing you the tools to automate your paper-driven business processes faster, and at an affordable cost.

Designed to close the gap between your corporate business groups and the managers of your geographically dispersed locations, ActiveOps consolidates access to Miria’s suite of software products within a single web portal, enabling streamlined collaboration around business-critical content capture and management workflows. The user-friendly interface gives both corporate and channel management team members secure access to the applications they need, all of which are configured with automated workflow rules that ensure follow up, compliance, and proper accountability for every transaction, communication, and document.

Powered by IBM’s award-winning ECM platform, ActiveOps amplifies the efficiencies gained from implementing our financial, AP, and HR applications as a solution for rapid deployment, cost-effective operation, and simplified management of these tools.