ActiveOps for Retail

For Retailers and Restaurants

Having successfully deployed business process automation solutions for major chains like Cabela’s and PF Chang’s, we understand the unique content management challenges facing rapidly expanding retailers and restaurants: namely, dealing with AP and HR data and documents delivered in varied formats from a wide array of disparate sources.

Through ActiveOps for Retail™ – Miria’s platform tailored specifically to the needs of centrally managed retail and restaurant chains – we consolidate access to our powerful suite of financial and operational software products within a single collaborative web portal. The user-friendly interface gives both corporate and distributed management team members secure access to the applications they need, all of which are configured with automated workflow rules that ensure follow up and compliance for every transaction, communication, and document.

Empower local managers to run their local business while maintaining corporate involvement and oversight. Critical finance and HR tasks are managed through a series of workflow queues that streamline processing time and ensure complete accountability across departments and locations.

Applications available on ActiveOps for Retail include:

active pay

Active Pay

active expense

Active Expense

active ledger

Active Ledger

active personnel


active onboarding

Active Onboarding

active training

Active Training

active e-room

Active e-Room

Delivered on a software as a service basis, ActiveOps for Retail enables your business to deploy our robust set of applications quickly and for a reasonable cost. Leverage our solution to close the gap between your corporate and distributed locations, drive faster growth and run a smarter business.