Active Mailroom

Centrally manage incoming documents, scanning, process-based emails, and faxes with a  mail room automation tool that standardizes document capture and eliminates manual indexing.

Miria’s Active Mailroom Automation Software is a digital mail room that utilizes rules-based processing to essentially read each document and intelligently decide where it should be routed and who will see it.

This digital mail room is the universal processing center for invoices, HR documents, contracts, and other forms that would typically require manual processing.

Leverage Active Mailroom Automation to:

  • Reduce manual work efforts in the mail sort process.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for manual document distribution.
  • Eliminate the need to print and distribute incoming faxes or emails.
  • Standardize on an enterprise capture solution that eliminates pockets of capture solutions within the company.
  • Feed to collected data directly into the target workflow or legacy application and eliminate manual indexing.
  • Streamline personnel training by automating and standardizing on mail room functions.
  • Eliminate laborious manual steps involved with data validations and archive processes.
  • Improve the current turn-around time, from mail room to departments.
  • Reduce the administrative cost by automating the Fax to Image, Email to Image and Indexing functions.
  • Store the documents in a controlled, auditable application which controls access and retentions policies.

Active Mailroom Automation Software