Consolidate and organize skill-building manuals and documents.

Ongoing employee development is a critical factor in the success of any growing organization. From new hire training to continual education, HR teams must manage extensive documentation that ensures training is executed in the appropriate and most meaningful ways.

Miria’s Active Training streamlines organization and management of employee development manuals, presentations, and other paper-based training tools, so that managers can quickly access and act on the resources they need to further staff development. They can also seamlessly link training data to employee record files, giving full visibility into skill development, training progress, and unique competencies held by each individual.

Utilize Active Training for:

  • Training manual and document capture/scanning
  • Creation of training & development profiles for each employee
  • Built-in tracking and search
  • Collaboration portal between HR and training managers
  • Tracking of training progress and competencies gained

Active Training helps your HR team ensure that employees are building their competencies and reaching their fullest work potential, to drive productivity and instill further value in your talented human capital assets.