Give your HR department faster access to the information they need to make the best personnel decisions possible.

Miria’s Active HR empowers multi-location, centrally managed businesses with the tools to rapidly streamline traditionally paper-driven human resources management processes.

Our robust solution automates the traditionally manual tasks for capturing, organizing, and analyzing information within your HR and payroll files, enabling you to derive greater value from your employee-related data and documents in less time. From personnel and payroll files to onboarding paperwork, staff training resources, and performance evaluation forms, Active HR standardizes your vast amounts of unstructured HR documents into formats that can be found and acted on efficiently.

By unifying the disparate HR content gathered from a variety of operational locations and sources, Active HR makes it easy for your human resources staff to execute their daily tasks, providing them with the information needed to make the right hiring, retention, and compliance-related decisions.

Active HR Includes:

active personnel


active onboarding

Active Onboarding

active training

Active Training