Accounts Payable Automation Software;

Optimize your accounts payable processes. Gaining greater control over Accounts Payable information requires analyzing and optimizing processes specific to your organization and implementing the proper tools to reduce manual work, improve access to information, and automate workflow and validations.

Miria’s Active Pay provides the most robust and flexible functionality to automate invoice management and AP processes, eliminating labor-intensive functions needed to manually receive, review, research, route, and access invoice information, which can be the source of errors, noncompliance, inefficient workflows and excessive costs.

This enterprise solution is designed to address the real AP needs of operationally dispersed but centrally managed companies, giving greater control to all employees involved in the review and approval of invoices and visibility to executives needing access to that information.

Active Pay includes rich functionality for:

  • Invoice processing
  • Document capture/scanning
  • Vendor maintenance and self-service portal
  • Check request management
  • Configurable workflow & validations
  • Automation of pre-match & reviews / approval
  • Email notifications & exception routing
  • Built-in tracking and search
  • Content management
  • ECM and ERP integration

Accounts Payable Automation Software: By automating the AP process with Active Pay, invoices and supporting documentation are handled in an efficient and timely manner with fewer resources and better oversight.