Track, approve, and validate travel and expense documents.

Automating the submission, review, approval and reporting of expenses not only facilitates faster payment and reimbursement processes, but also improves tracking and oversight to ensure expense validity and business compliance.

Miria’s Active Expense provides the robust functionality your dispersed teams need to centrally manage travel and expense recording and reporting, eliminating the need for manual matching of each receipt or submission to employees and vendors. Instead, documents are captured and organized within a single repository that enables easy access to transaction information for appropriate routing and processing.

Utilize Active Expense for:

  • Receipt and document capture/scanning
  • Payment and reimbursement processing
  • Self-service portal with expense report visibility
  • Automation of match & reviews / approval
  • Email notifications & exception routing
  • Audit trail compilation
  • Built-in tracking and search

Active Expense brings greater clarity into your travel and expense spending while reducing the workload on your corporate financial department to get the right payments, in the right hands, at the right time.