Accounts Payable

Miria offers one of the most sophisticated Accounts Payable Automation Solutions in the market. A system of configurable applications intelligently automate the entire process including capture, routing, complex workflows, and tax management.

and OCR

Built on industry leading IBM technology, the Miria Capture and OCR applications provide a high rate of data OCR accuracy, with flexible business rules that efficiently automate the capture, classification, and data recognition automation.


Automating the payment process to convert all payables to electronic payment can save time, money, and ensure compliance. As an extension to Mira’s sophisticated Accounts Payable managed solution, payment automation can be facilitated through multiple payment partners.


Better visibility and control of accounts payable can greatly improve transparency leading to better cash management process and control.  Combining Miria payables, payments, and use tax management will improve your financial management.


Implementing automation technologies provides a great return on investment. For many fast growing companies, its the only way to ensure scalability. You simply can’t hire enough people to support the planned rate of growth.